ParadigmNEXT's Guide to Working Smarter, Not Harder

August 25, 2016

At ParadigmNEXT, we love hard work. We enjoy the satisfaction, the rewards and the success we see as a result of it. However, while there is nothing wrong with hard work, we are able to achieve the results that we see by working smarter, not harder. In the past few weeks, as we’ve onboarded more clients and new opportunities, we’ve had to rework some of our structures and become more organized so that we can capitalize on all these new ventures. Here are some of the ways we have done this:

  1. We look at the big picture. There are only so many hours in a day and only so much one of our team members can handle. By writing out all of our opportunities and the strategies for each one, we are able to outline the resources, budget and timeline at the very beginning. Once we establish this, we select the team members, set up their projects for implementation and check in as often as required.
  2. We complete the biggest projects first. Fortunately, the larger projects (like website design and development, or on-site optimization, or content management) usually require completion at the beginning of the project timeline, as the rest of the tasks stem from these fundamentals. However, regardless of the project, doing the important, large or even tedious tasks first not only makes the rest of the project seem easy, it motivates you and makes you feel good about what you have accomplished thus far!
  3. We challenge our approaches. We may never establish the best processes for future projects, but we can honestly say that we always get better at them. There is no perfect way to do something. However, by challenging your approaches to doing work and considering new ideas along the way, you will forever improve your workflow. When you get a new task, really think about how you should get it done. You may find a new way to do something.
  4. We assign responsibility. People often resist outsourcing, but we thrive on it. We select our team members based on referrals and past experiences with them, and each have very specific functions and responsibilities. By assigning specific duties to the people who specialize in them, the project gets done the smartest way possible.
  5. We strategize, revise and sign off-that’s it! As owners of a digital marketing company, our time to actually execute projects is limited. We develop the strategy for our clients and have our team implement it. By practicing delegation, we are able to maintain a smart workflow and focus on new and current clientele and the completion of projects. Repeatable processes and delegation are two of the best ways to work smarter, not harder.

How do you work smarter and not harder?

By: ParadigmNext


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