eDealTree, Inc.

Marketing and Advertising
Company Size
11-50 employees
Privately Held
3400 Dundee Rd., Northbrook, IL 60062


We offer a “one-stop-shop” solution to those looking to monetize their social-voice, be it a social following or other means of driving traffic to their site.

We offer a fully functional branded deal site that offers geo-location based deals nationwide to customers via a web-portal as well as mobile applications

. eDealTree takes this a step further by not only offering the technology, but also a list of nationwide deals that can be featured on YOUR new Deal Site. There is no cost to put your site up and to start generating revenue TODAY! We work strictly off results! We have a revenue share model which guarantees a positive cash-flow from the day the site is launched. Once a deal is sold on your site you will generate 50% of the net revenue of that deal. You don’t have to spend any time building a site or mobile apps. You don’t need a salesforce looking for deals. All you need is the desire to start promoting your new site to your already established audience. Furthermore, if you have a merchant which you would like featured on your site, you simply send them a link to sign-up and once they are on the site, they will be featured across the entire network of eDealTree sites nationwide and you will generate revenue from sales you never made. As you deal is sold on any of the sites on the eDealTree network, you will generate 25% of the net revenue from that deal.
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